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Ultrasonic Bath

Ultrasonic Bath
Ultrasonic Bath
Product Code : SS630
Brand Name : SCISOL
Product Description
Ultrasonic Bath

The laboratory and pharmaceutical sectors are industries which benefit from the incorporation of ultrasonics into cleaning and processing applications. Testing in laboratories requires stringent Cleaning measures and processes, while the repeated manufacture of pharmaceutical products Must ensure that no residues or contaminants are left on equipment.
In much the same way that a hospital uses its instruments, a laboratory will require a cleaning system to ensure that items are completely clean and free from contaminants prior to each use. Any residue or debris left from previous processing could provide inaccurate and incorrect testing results. The use of delicate instruments in the laboratory makes ultrasonics a perfect technology
for cleaning and reprocessing. The gentle yet effective cleaning action ensures that contaminants are removed but instruments are not damaged. Also use for washing of laboratory glassware, ceramic components (mortars), and plastics components. Besides TIME STAR cleaners can also used for "sono chemistry" application, acceleration of chemical process, solution degas for HPLC technique.

Model No

Size( L X W X H )

Capacity Lit.

DR 134 - 50

7 X 4 X 3


DR 134 - 60

8 X 4 X 4


DR 134 -100

9 X 6 X 4


DR 134 -150

10 X 6 X 5


DR 134 -200

12 X 6 X 6


DR 134 -250

12 X 8 X 6